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The new generation of wildlife tracking devices has opened up the possibility of addressing a broad range of questions that researchers could not have dreamed of answering just a decade ago. For many species of birds, we can now examine their daily and annual lives in a way never before possible. SAQR will automatically analyze falcons and classify the birds’ levels; Then, it will certify each bird and update the database. Here we have an extensive database of ranked falcons, so we can give certificates to owners that will be influential in pricing and ratings.

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SAQR, falcon
SAQR, falcon

About SAQR Tech

SAQR is a company that takes special and standard tests for Falcons and ranks them according to international standards. Finally, the Falcons who have passed the SAQR tests give an international and valid certificate. Hence, SAQR provides a web application platform to show clients Falcon’s ranking, and they record all historical flight data of falcons in the dashboard. According to the world trends, SAQR has built a modern hardware device that uses artificial intelligence to study all the behavior of falcons and store all the performance of falcons during flight. Finally, all falcon flight data is recorded in a database and, the Falcons are ranked according to their actual worthiness. At the web platform, Falcon’s owners can track vital information from onboard sensors and synchronize them in the ranking table. Generally, the introduced platform intelligently analyzes a set of data and visualizes them to accurate charts. Falcon owners can register/login and get rankings of the falcons; also, owner’s services can get a 3D visualization of the Falcon’s fly history. Visualization data includes GPS, speed, height, satellite signal strength, angle, velocity, and flight time. These capabilities can be helpful in falcon clubs for competitions and rankings. Also, it can organize the falcons and submit certificates for each Falcon that attends the test.


About SAQR Tech Tracker

The built-in device evaluates all Falcon movements and behaviors and stores them in memory. Then data scientists can begin analyzing these birds. In other words, on long trips, they can explore wherever the Falcons visit. All of these analyzes help to shape the ranking of Falcon birds. The comparison of birds in Falcon Club can be lovely for Falcon owners, and they can rank their Falcon in the country and the world and realize the actual value of their birds. In many cases, owners can see Falcon’s certificate and detail on web platforms that give information that can help the buyer to be aware of the health and ecology of the bird.

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About Analytics Dashboard

The SAQR reports dashboard has various features such as detailed charts, technical values, and an automatic scoring algorithm. Also, the ranking of all falcons based on various factors can be seen in this platform. You can also send a test and certification request and see all the certificates received. You can also see the 3D path of the falcon in different tests.

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How To Get SAQR Certified?

After each test, you can send the request to Saqr from the certificate request section through your user panel. And our operators will send you the certificate file as soon as possible and it will be placed in your panel.

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Is it legal to have a hawk?

Absolutely! It does require the proper permits and licenses.

Don't they get bored?

These birds are not like parrots or parakeets. They are not looking for social interaction, for the most part. There are some individuals and some species that are highly social, and as the bird develops a stronger bond with the falconer she interacts with him differently. Some falconers provide toys or interactive perches for their birds, however, these birds are doing just what they would do in the wild - waiting for their next meal.

What kind of a cage do you keep them in?

These birds are not kept in cages but have their own enclosure called a mews. This is typically sizable with perches, a bath pan, and more for the bird. Some falconers keep their bird in the house or in the garage and then have a separate secure area outside called a weathering yard that the bird is placed into the sun and spends her days.

Do they come back to you when you release them?

That's the way it is supposed to work. When hunting, the falconer takes off her equipment, releases the bird, and starts to get game up for the hawk to chase. The falconer may decide to change to a different location or stop hunting for the day altogether and will call the hawk down to the fist. Just in case she does not come down or has been chased away by a larger hawk, most falconers fly their bird with telemetry which transmits radio signals for the falconer to find the bird. In a way, we're like bird watchers who bring our own birds to the field. At the end of the day, the birds get to decide if they want to go back home with us or return to the wild.


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